A Property Management Solution.

Starting at $50/month


Rentch is Calgary's property management facilitation system, a brand new form of property management that keeps the lease agreement and all decisions in your hands with us at the helm.

What We Do

We provide an entire "a la carte" property management experience. Using Rentch's automated process, all functions of managing your rental from the accounting to fixing an active leak is ready for you, 24/7. You keep the power to make decisions in your name, we keep the place rented and operating smoothly.

Calgary Landlords, having trouble renting your unit? Start using Rentch for Free!

Please provide the details of your rental, your Rentfaster listing ID and we will create you a Rentch listing, give you access to our 3 click online booking system and help attract interest to your rental! Please complete the form below if interested and a Rentch Rental Service Expert will contact you asap.